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What essentially guides an organisation during its journey, scaling new heights - one mission after another, towards their vision, with consistency, is its philosophy. At Vilas Javdekar Developers, the very essence of our philosophy consists of a reverberant belief – We Love What We Do! When you love what you do, it reflects in the work you do, the love and respect you earn and the appreciation bestowed upon you. This philosophy is the foundation of every single activity undertaken by Vilas Javdekar Developers. This is what sets team VJ apart from the rest. It is what empowers us to be a good organisation, and inspires us to keep challenging our peak potential. Our solid foundation of trust has been built over the years, through testing and opportune times alike. It is due to this trust that Vilas Javdekar Developers has earned the respect and goodwill which we embody today. All this goodwill stems from our passion for what we do. And when we speak of passion, we mean every word that we promise. Perhaps that is why we have a consistent track record of on - time delivery and a growing family of loyal customers. Another aspect that sets us apart is our 'Possession Guarantee' for each of our projects. We strive hard to ensure that once we commit a possession date to a customer, it is met under any circumstance.

"Trust and design are our company's core values"

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The next big step in Yashwin's Design Evolution brings you a milestone project - Yashwin Hinjewadi. Located in the heart of Pune's ever - buzzing IT Park of Hinjewadi, Yashwin promises a complete ecosystem of thoughtful residential spaces, soulful amenity spaces and purposeful commercial spaces.

Yashwin Hinjewadi’s design philosophy ensures that every indoor space caters to optimisation, functionality and ventilation. With over 10+ acres of urban living for every age group, Yashwin Hinjewadi offers a living experience that transforms the ‘what ifs’ into a ‘dream come true.’

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