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Jonky-Cafe & Brewery

Jonky is 20 years of friendship, of dreams that have spawned our unabashedly youthful days. Jonky is a stage for our colorful fancies, a flight of our unapologetic fantasies. Jonky is about 4 friends, Jonky is born out of our dream to be together but Jonky is also about our individual journeys that have brought us here. It is about our trials and tribulations, and also our triumphs. Jonky is about Aniruddh’s curly locks and Samir’s whimsical hats. It is Nikhil’s bad jokes. Jonky is Atul singing a Beatles song. Jonky is about friendship, Jonky is us.

Jonky is our yearning to stand back in that invisible corner, hoping to see you exhale in delight with that first sip of chilled beer. Seeing you reminisce of good times when we play a track that means something to you. We want to create that place with soul one that doesn’t judge you, doesn’t ask you what you are wearing or not wearing for that matter we seriously hope that you come as you are. Where it doesn’t matter why you didn’t come visit until now, but instead just glad that you are here now.

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