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The wise advice is to stay humble in success and in failure. Despite good learnings, many have to learn things the hard way. And this is exactly what happened to a woman from the US who lost a job opportunity with the NASA all because of a tweet.

Naomi H, a woman who was offered an internship at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration tweeted about the news rather too excitedly and threw-in some expletives in her tweets.

Little did she know, that her tweet would be seen by a former NASA engineer - Homer Hickam - who was rather unimpressed from the language she used in the tweets.

The whole Twitter exchange can be seen here.

Homer Hickam, who is a former NASA engineer and a member of the National Space Council User Advisory Group, on seeing Naomi's tweet, commented “Language”.

Naomi, unaware of Hickam’s profile, replied to him with even more abusive tweets.

Hickam later said in a blog that Naomi reverted by 'unnecessarily apologizing' for the tweets. He said that his intention to comment was just to comment and 'leave it at that'.

Naomi and Hickam shared apologies later, and as per Hickman's blog, he is doing all that he can to reinstate her in the aerospace industry and trying to get her a new spot if she reapplied after dismissal.

Following this incident, Naomi made her Twitter account private as she was subjected to harsh harassment and criticism.

News Source: Money Control