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Pune city, after becoming a major education and IT hub, has fast emerged as a major metropolitan of the country .  To cater the ever increasing population of the city, the residing area also increased by leaps and bounds. Thus in 2001 the population was 2.538 million which is expected to have doubled now. One of the most important problems faced by the people residing in the western part of the city was that they are  deprived of reasonable medical facilities.

This part of our city desperately needs an medical center  that will not just cater to their medical needs, but add ‘care’ to the patients and their families in every sense of the word. At the end of a hospital stay, the patient must go home thoroughly satisfied with every aspect of the services and care rendered to him and not just with the medical treatment. Our aim is to ensure such sentiments consistently, from patient to patient. We aim to do so through our unrelenting efforts to devise processes that revolve around patients’ well being.

SANJEEVANI HOSPITAL with the latest technologies, multi-disciplinary capabilities, state of the art facilities, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care, ambience and processes, is poised to become one of the most advanced and progressive healthcare institution in this part of the country. We are very proud to have a caring staff that is destined to work hard to provide our patients with high quality medical care, together with warmth, a caring attitude and always with a smile. We are fully committed to this kind of quality approach in our organization, and we are confident that, with your support, we will offer the highest standards of quality healthcare in India.

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